The culture behind a Megazord: skirted Yellow Gokai Changes

8 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

On Gokaiger, whenever they use the powers of a Legendary Sentai, they usually match the gender of the Gokaiger, not the veteran, so, if, for instance, Gokai Red becomes a Pink Ranger, he won’t have a skirt, but if Gokai Pink uses a legendary Red Ranger that isn’t Kaoru Shiba, her costume would have one.

With Yellow being the colour that alternates the most between male and female, if isn’t surprising that Luka had many “skirted” variants of male suits.

Now, there have been seasons in which there was no difference between a male and a female suit outisde the colours, so, for instance, Gokai Yellow didn’t sport a skirt as Dyna Yellow or Goggle Yellow.

Here are the skirted Gokai Changes.


Those are from Pre-Zyu Sentai, so they are Gokaiger-exclusive. Now I’ll divide them by ones who appeared on Super Megaforce and other Gokaiger-exclusive, as we didn’t see Gia becoming them.



The Dairangers appeared on Super Megaforce.


Only the Blue Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force Pink were used for their respective seasons. With KiNinger, it makes sense that it’s a Gokaiger exclusive, as it happened on the Super Hero Getter 2016 at the end of the ZyuOhger-Gokaiger team-up. If the Super Mega Rangers return and become the Ninja Steel Rangers, then it would be okay.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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