The culture behind a Megazord: Sentai teams with more than two female Rangers

8 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

Super Sentai and Power Rangers are targeted to little boys, so it isn’t surprising to almost always see only one or two girls. Sure, it is still better than Kamen Rider, in which female Riders barely even last a handful of episodes before being killed off.

Let’s see which teams featured more than two girls at some point.


Risultati immagini per carranger white racer

White Racer is a Sentai wannabe, but she isn’t an official member of the CarRangers, so it doesn’t count.


Risultati immagini per Dekaranger all

This picture doesn’t include the two one-off metallic Rangers, Deka Gold and Deka Bright, but the episode featuring Deka Swan made them the first Sentai with three girls at some point.


Risultati immagini per Magiranger all

This is the only Sentai with a “super family” motif that also includes both parents. Magi Mother serves as a mentor figure, so her, Magi Blue and Magi Pink form the first Sentai in which the third female Ranger isn’t just a one-off or a wannabe.


Risultati immagini per Shinkenger Kaoru

The final arc of Shinkenger showed Kaoru Shiba being the leader, so it is also the first Sentai with an equal number of males and females at some point.


Risultati immagini per kyoryuger final

The final episodes of Kyuouryuuger had a female Kyouryuu Cyan, which returned for the VS movie. This is the first time a Sentai with three female had all of them return for the crossover.


Risultati immagini per ninninger returns

The “Return movie” for NinNinger introduced a female Green Ranger.

As you may see, Magiranger is the only Sentai in which having three girls wasn’t just something temporary or happening towards the end, but Magi Mother was still absent from a good portion of the series.

Do you think we’ll see a Sentai with three girls from the get-go? After all, Kyuuranger broke the barrier of starting off with 5 Rangers, so we may see a 7-members team with three core girls.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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