The culture behind a Megazord: female leaders on Power Rangers

8 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

It is rare to see a Power Rangers team lead by a non-Red Ranger, and, considering that only two of them were female, it is also even rarer to see a girl leading the team.

In fact, we’ve seen a female character leading her team at some point only five times.

White Alien Ranger


Same as her counterpart, Delphine lead the Alien Rangers. Due to the short lenght of the miniseries, though, she’s one of the Rangers who spent the least amount of episodes leading a team.

Time Force Pink


This is a season with two Red Rangers (Alex and Wes) and a Sixth Ranger which also wears Red (Eric), but the leader is actually Jen, much like her Sentai counterpart.

Yellow Wild Force Ranger


Taylor lead the team until Cole joined, and she stayed the second-in-command. Due to her counterpart being male on Gaoranger, this is the only case in which a female leader happened in a series where the leader has always been male. Well, except for the next example.

SPD A-Squad Red Ranger


The A-Squad is a Power Rangers exclusive team, and Charlie has been the first female Red Ranger. She lead her team even after they became evil.

Red Samurai Ranger


As Lauren showed up, she lead the team replacing her brother, similar to what happens on Shinkenger. She is still the only female Red Ranger who has always been good.

There you have it, the five female leaders.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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