The culture behind a Megazord: an all-female team

8 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

If you have to make an all-female Power Rangers team by using only one Ranger per season, who would you pick?

Here are my picks.


I’m not quite sure Lauren would actually lead the team, despite being the Red Ranger.


Maybe, Tori would fit as the leader, due to her being the most experienced in the group.


I was about to use the SPD Yellow Ranger, but I already used SPD. Lily would fit as a second in command, if Lauren isn’t.


I didn’t want to use Jen because I felt it was too obvious, so I’d go with Emma as a Pink Ranger so she could use attacks and powers from other Legendary Rangers.


I know: I said “Legendary” Rangers and I pick Hayley? Well, she’s the first female Ranger to take the place usually reserved to a Black or Green Ranger, so I’d let her have the same position.


The only Orange Ranger, Kat would be an extra ally.


Only femal Sixth Ranger, so she’s the obvious choice.


Kendall would make sure all four Neo-Saban teams would be included.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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