The culture behind a Megazord: colours represented in Gokaiger by legendary Rangers

7 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is currently the only season where a member of every previous Sentai returned played by their original actor/actress. However, I was wondering how many times a colour has been represented by a returning veteran on both movies and episodes.

Note, I won’t count archive footage like the Shinkenger appearing during the Timeranger tribute because the Gokaigers were brought back to their cameo on Goseiger VS Shinkenger.

Let’s count them.

Gokai Change!

*I’ll count Deka Master among the “Black Rangers” and Battle Kenya among the “Green Rangers”.

20 Red Rangers: Akaranger, Vul Eagle, Red-1, Red Turbo, RyuuRanger, Ninja Red, Oh Red, Red Racer, Mega Red, Ginga Red, Gao Red, Hurricane Red, AbaRed, Deka Red, MagiRed, Bouken Red, GekiRed, Go-On Red, Shinken Red, Gosei Red;

8 Blue Rangers: Denzi Blue, Blue Mask, TenmaRanger, Ninjaman, Signalman, Hurricane Blue, Abare Blue, Gosei Blue:

8 Yellow Rangers: Yellow Lion, Five Yellow Kirin Ranger, Time Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, Deka Yellow, Go-On Yellow, Gosei Yellow;

7 Black Rangers: Goggle Black, Change Griffon, Black Condor, Mammoth Ranger, Black Knight, Deka Master, Gosei Black;

4 Green Rangers: Battle Kenya, Green Flash, GoGreen, Shinken Green;

6 Pink Rangers: Dyna Pink, Oh Pink, GoPink, Deka Pink, Magi Pink, Gosei Pink;

3 White Rangers: Big One, Ninja White, Abare Killer;

1 Gold Ranger: Shinken Gold;

2 Silver Rangers: Go-On Silver, Gosei Knight;

Now, as you may see, Red was the most featured colour, with Blue, Yellow and Black having 7-8 Rangers. It is strange to see that only 6 Pink Rangers returned, as well as 4 Green Rangers. Gold is the only colour that didn’t give a Legendary Power to the Gokaigers, as Shinken Gold appeared after the Shinkenger tribute. Technically, the Gokaigers received the Go-Busters’ Legendary Power, so Beet Buster should be featured, but that happened on Go-Busters.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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