The culture behind a Megazord: let’s count the Yellow Rangers

3 Mar

Welcome back to my blog. Next year, there will be the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, but I was wondering how many Yellow and Blue Rangers we’ve had in a quarter of century.

Now, we have had 20 main Red Rangers, and I say main, as there have been some seasons with multiple Rangers. But the Yellows? After all, Dino Charge didn’t feature a Yellow Ranger.

The main Yellows, in fact, are 19 from Trini to Calvin.





However, I haven’t counted the secondary ones. First of all, with Trini as the Yellow Ranger, the only way we could represent Aisha would be with her Ninjetti form.


Yet, if they want Aisha to just be the MMPR Yellow Ranger (as, for obvious reasons, they can’t use Trini), the number could still be rounded to 20 by adding the A-Squad Yellow Ranger from SPD.


Okay, now let’s see the Blue Rangers, here, on the Empty Blog!



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