The countries in the border between Europe and Asia

1 Mar

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Asia is the largest continent in the World, and problems about which territories are in it are everywhere, from the Malay archipelago to the most Eastern tip of Siberia to the Sinai peninsula. However, the border between Europe and Asia is even more complicated, because it gets to the point of whether an entire country should be considered European or Asian.

This is because there isn’t any major body of water separating the two continents, with the sole exception of the Bosphorus, which does separate Anatolia from the Balkan peninsula. In fact, two mountain ranges are generally used as borders: the Ural and the Caucasus mountains.

In this article, I want to talk about those transcontinental countries, starting from the most Eastern one.


Flag of Kazakhstan.svg

Only Kazakhstan’s Western tip is considered in Europe, but that “tip” is actually bigger than Portugal or Greece. However, its culture and history links it to Central Asian, which is the region where the majority of the country lays.


Flag of Azerbaijan.svg


Flag of Armenia.svg


Risultati immagini per flag of Georgia

Transcaucasia is a region that serves as a border between Russia and Iran, and those three countries are considered to be socially and culturally European.


Risultati immagini per flag of Turkey

You can’t talk about the border between Europe and Asia without mentioning Turkey. In fact, usually these conversation are about “is Turkey European?”. Well, geographically, the majority of Turkey lays in Anatolia, which is an Asian peninsula which, however, has been involved with European history ever since the ancient Greeks. Also, Turkey wishes to become a member of the European Union, and it is a member of the Council of Europe.


Risultati immagini per flag of Cyprus

Generally speaking, every island in the Mediterranean Sea is considered to be culturally and socially linked to Europe, so both Malta and Cyprus are considered to be European, despite the latter being geographically Asian.

Russia is the biggest country in this border, but no one has ever questioned its place in European history and culture, even though the entirety of northern Asia (aka Siberia) is a Russian territory.

The article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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