Just a simple division of the EU countries

1 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

Do you have difficulties when it comes to remembering which countries of the EU are in which part of Europe, or which European countries are in the EU?

Well, this article is for you, as I’ll divide the countries in categories.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Nordic countries

Not all Nordic countries are part of the European Union. In fact, Iceland and Norway are part of EFTA, so the EU Nordic countries are Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Danimarca Finlandia Svezia

Baltic countries

The three Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) are all part of the EU.

Estonia Lettonia Lituania

Eastern Europe

I divided the Eastern European countries in the EU in two. The “northern” ones are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Polonia Rep. Ceca Slovacchia Ungheria

Balkanic countries

The only two countries from the ex Yugoslavia now part of the EU are Slovenia and Croatia. Other countries in the Balkanic peninsula are Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Slovenia Croazia Romania Bulgaria Grecia


Three of the six founding nations of what is now the European Union come from the region between Germany and France called Benelux from the name of the three: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Belgio Paesi Bassi Lussemburgo

Western Europe

Aside from micro-nations, Switzerland is the only Western European country outside the EU. The others (Germany, Austria, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom) are all part of it.

Germania Austria Francia Irlanda Regno Unito

Southern Europe

Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus are all part of Southern Europe.

Portogallo Spagna Italia Malta Cipro

I hope this article may be useful to someone. The EU members are more than half of the European countries, but it would be wrong to think that the entire continent is part of it. The reason why the entirety of Europe can share the same flag is because it’s actually the flag of the Council of Europe, which is a separate organization.

Risultati immagini per council of europe

Risultati immagini per European Union

The article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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