The culture behind a Megazord: adapting the Zordon Era of Power Rangers into a movie franchise

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Welcome back to my blog.

The other day, I told you that Lionsgate is hoping to extract a 7-movie franchise out of Power Rangers. I think that it would be great, considering that Power Rangers is now old enough to have many stories, background elements and lores that create and incredibly vast universe.

Therefore, making 7 movies could be easy, because you could just use elements from the Zordon Era alone, although you could even use elements from Mighty Morphin’ alone.

I mean, Hollywood has managed to carve an almost 9 hour long trilogy out of an about 300 page book (The Hobbit), so I can imagine it squeezing a property as long as they could. I think I made a bad comparison, because Arda is a fictional word with a lore so vast that you could create a movie about every single character, town or even creature that exist there and still manage to have it been at least 2 hour and a half long. However, I was talking about how Hollywood is excellent when it comes to create movies after movies from a single property.

Okay, let’s get back to the point!

Now, these are just my personal ideas on how you could adapt the Zordon Era into a 7 movie franchise. I said “Zordon Era” because, even though I just said that Mighty Morphin’ alone can give you ideas for a long franchise, my ideas inevitably tap into the storylines of Alien Rangers, Zeo, Turbo and In Space.

Ready to read my ideas? Then it’s morphin’ time!

Well, actually, there are two things that I need to clarify.

Changing the suits: if they follow the TV show pattern, ever single movie will basically be “the rangers fight a new, worse villain, so they get a new set of powers to fight him”. Okay, a kid wouldn’t give a damn, as long as you showcase them “newer and cooler toys to buy”, but you can’t build up a successful franchise by being repetitive. Look at the Fast & Furious franchise, which is growing bigger and bigger, to the point that it’s almost becoming “Mission: Impossible” with cars! In fact, I imagine a franchise in which the core suits are kept throughout the films, even though it won’t actually matter if they use other ones.

Changing the rangers: out of all the Zordon Era Rangers, only Adam and Tanya (and possibly Justin) were written out because the writers wanted to do so, which means that, if the other actors chose to stay, we probably wouldn’t have seen replacements from season 2 onwards. Imagine how this could have been a problem during the “Legendary Battle”, considering that the “Zeo-Turbo-In Space” situation was fixed by the fans thanks to the “Robot Rangers” episode of Turbo. Therefore, I can imagine the main rangers staying here, with no replacements whtasoever.

Okay, now we can actually begin!

Day of the dumpster


Just loosely adapting the first episode will get you a good first movie, because “Day of the dumpster” got elements from the first story arc of Zyuranger. You could just add some backstory from the Rangers, the mentors (which I suppose would be Zordon and Alpha) and Rita to reach the screentime of a modern blockbuster. Goldar would be the secondary main villain, and the ending would tease Rita creating a brand new ranger.

Green with Evil


Green with Evil is a 5-episode saga that introduced Tommy Oliver, which would go on to become the most successful and lasting ranger of the franchise. I think that a wise choice for the sequel would be adapting it, considering that, like the first arc of Zyuranger, you could simply add some subplots, maybe giving Bulk and Skull something to do. Oh, and, if you use Scorpina, remember to justify her sudden “disappearance”, unless you choose to straight up destroy her.

The Power of Thunder


After Tommy joins the team, Zordon tells him that the Green Ranger powers will consume his vital energy, so he is working on a new ranger to connect with the upgrade that the team needs to fight Lord Zedd, the villain of this film. In fact, the Dinozords are updated, and the Thunderzords, which tap into the energy of legendary chinese beasts, are born. Lord Zedd is defeated, but not permanently, as he and Rita, who fell in love with eachother, search for help, only to find it in the form of Rito Revolto, Rita’s brother, who goes to Earth and destroys the Thunderzords, ending the first trilogy with a cliffhanger.

Ninja Quest

Rocky ninjetti

This movie begins with the Thunderzords being destroyed, thus leaving the rangers with no Zords. However, Zordon sends the Rangers to Dulcea (I mix up elements from both the movie and the third season), which gives them a new set of ninja-based powers and zords, alongside a new ally: Ninjor, the ninja robot. Meanwhile, Ivan Ooze attacks Earth, leaving the previous villains in the background. The movie will end with the defeat of Ooze, but a final tease would show that the Machine Empire is ready to attack the planet, bringing Serpenterra with them.

A Zeo Beginning


The first half of the movie would focus on each ranger searching for the Zeo Crystals, because, when combined, they can create the most powerful set of powers (useless redundancy is useless!) ever, which is needed to defeat the Machine Empire. They find all five Crystals, and summon a powerful set of Zords and attacks. However, Zordon mentions that these power are too enormous to be handled by one team, so the Zeo Crystals must return to their original role of “keepers” of the Morphin’ Grid.

Shift into Turbo


I wasn’t sure about a Turbo-inspired movie, but there are some elements of it that would be needed for the ending. First of all, Zordon disappears, and is replaced with Dimitria. Secondly, a new villaness, Divatox, would emerge, and it could be revealed that she’s actually Dimitria’s long lost sister. Thirdly, at the end of the show, the Rangers fly to space after the destruction of the Command Center. I can see this happening at the end of this movie, because, without the Aquitar storyline (which could be made into a spin-off, as the Aquitar Rangers are a different team), this would be the only time. Then, we can go to the final act.

Countdown to destruction


The final act. After the Power Rangers went to space, they decided to fight back all the villains that they have fought throughout the years, closing all the loose ends. Then, at the end, every single ranger ally (extra heroes or just secondary good characters from previous movies) help them defeat the evil alliance of their villains (I don’t think that the villain would be Astronema or an actual In Space villain). However, Zordon tells to the Red Ranger that the only way to defeat them for good is that he must sacrifice his life, so he asks the team leader to destroy him. Thus, the energy wave defeats every villain, putting an end to the Power Rangers saga.

You see? It would be simple to create 7 movies if you simply condense the plot of a season into a movie.

However, I believe that Lionsgate would actually mix stuff from every season, rather than having a faithful adaptation of the show.

What is your opinion about the hope of creating a 7 movie franchise out of Power Rangers? Could it work? How would you do it?

The article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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