The culture behind a Megazord: all the articles of this summer

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Welcome back to my blog.

This summer, my blog saw more “cultural” articles, both in Italian and in English. A big portion of them were entries of “The culture behind a Megazord”, which started as a monthly series, but, last June, it stopped having a schedule, with even more articles on a day.

Therefore, I want to celebrate it with an article that feature all the articles of this series that I published between June and today, in a similar way than my article about this series reaching the 10 articles quota before it was expected.

Ok, let’s start!

The last article I mentioned on the post I linked was the one about the Dinozords. After that, I was supposed to stop publishing articles for the rest of June, fearing that I might have not had ideas for articles in July and August. However, between June 27th and 28th, I published three articles.

The first two were about Mystic Force’s Titan and Manticore Megazord respectively, while the third one was a brief article about five of the things that I actually learnt while writing this series, because I wanted to show you that Super Sentai and Power Rangers have actually helped me improving my personal culture.

Nine days later, on July 7th, I wrote the “one-two-three combo”, which means that three articles came out in one night.

The article about the Samurai Megazord was supposed to be the only one that night, but, then, they asked for a Wild Force-themed article, so wrote about the animals on that series, and, on that night, they told me about a monster robot named Cyclopsis, so I wrote about it.

I liked writing that article, because I study languages, and I love talking about linguistics and the origins of words. Therefore, four days later, I wrote about the origins of some PR-related words. The next day, I wrote one of the “dakrest” entries, because it was about how the villains of the original Sentai, Goranger, were based on real life dictatorships.

Then, it was time for the only article that was actually supposed to be the “July entry” to come out. In fact, back when this special was still monthly, I thought that the article of July would have been about Lemuria, and how a character in Boukenger is connected with said “lost continent”. The article of August, ironically, still hasn’t been written by me, but I hope I’ll do it as early as I can.

The subsequent two articles came in the wake of the discovery of a new planet, similar to our Earth, so I wrote about two planets from the Zordon Era: Aquitar, home of the Alien Rangers, and Inquiris, home of Turbo’s Dimitria.

To conclude the month of July, I wrote an article about Liveman. Now, given that the animal topic was already covered in my Wild Force article, I decided to write about how the colour scheme could have been a homage to the Olympic Flag.

Roughly ten days later, due to hearing about a young girl passing away, I thought a lot about death that day, and how our presence could still be here when we’re no longer alive and kicking. Then, I thought about how mature is the depiction of death on Japanese tokusatsu, and so I wrote this.

I thought that the special had returned to be monthly, because I hadn’t had any idea for about two weeks. That’s until I watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with my parents, huge fans of said franchise. For a moment, I thought about how I was obsessed with space as a kid, and that a space opera for children would have been the definition of cool. Then, I realized that a space opera for kids was part of my childhood, and it was the Zordon Era of Power Rangers.

Then, we come to the end of this wonderful summer, because the last one was published two days ago, and it was about the connection between Marvel and Super Sentai.

In three months, “the culture behind a Megazord” has become one of my “largest” series of articles, and it’s also the only one whose topics are, sometimes, chosen by you readers, who constantly read it, full of curiosity.

Thank you very much for following this series throughout the whole summer, and I hope that my next articles would be as interesting as these.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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