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Cercolinfo: tre anni dopo

31 Ago

Bentornati nel blog vuoto.

Questo è un post un po’ speciale, perché si tratta di celebrare qualcosa che riguarda me.

Esattamente oggi, infatti, sono tre anni che ho scritto il primo articolo per Cercolinfo (di cui riporto la copertina della pagina Facebook, che credo ritragga una copertina del periodo in cui era cartaceo).

Tuttavia, permettetemi di procedere con ordine. Continua a leggere


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: my personal fan cast for the 2016 reboot (Part 2: Brand New characters)

28 Ago

Welcome back to my blog.

My last post was a fan-cast for the 2016 MMPR Movie if they use the same characters as the series.

However, Roberto Orci, the guy behind the project, revelaed that the movie will have some continuity with the PR Universe, so I thought that his plan is to feature the original POWERS but not the original RANGERS (well, at least not as the heroes of the movie).

That said, here are my choices for the MMPR Movie if there are brand new characters (I won’t name them: these are just the actors that I would pick as them). Continua a leggere

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: my personal fan cast for the 2016 reboot (Part 1: casting the original rangers)

27 Ago

Welcome to my blog.

This is the first of two articles in which I’ll fan cast (is “fan cast” a verb too? I sometimes read “fancasting” ad a verbal noun. Oh, whatever!) the 2016 MMPR movie.

Why did I made two parts? Because it appears that the movie will share some “continuity” with the PR universe, so I don’t know if the rangers will be the very same of the series or brand news characters.

Therefore, I made two different casting: one for the MMPR rangers (both if they use Season 1 or Season 2-3 rangers).

Oh, I’m sorry if I didn’t choose actors young enough to be believable as teenagers, but this fan casting made me realize that I don’t know many teen actors. And also, sorry if almost none of them is a martial artist, but I guess that the movie won’t have many unmorpher fight scenes. Continua a leggere

Thank you for the views

25 Ago

Welcome to my blog.

This short post is here just to thank you, my readers.

I mean, yesterday was the day that broke a few records for my blog, thanks to this article.

Which records?

Well, this blog has never seen 605 people reading articles IN JUST ONE DAY. I mean, sometimes my blog takes TEN DAYS to reach that number.

Also, that article has had 546 views during its first 24 hours since the publication, which is a record for the blog. An article that has even been viewed ON REDDIT (which is a great honor for me).

The last record it broke was that last week was the first that had more than a thousand views, which is amazing, considering that, just one year ago, my blog has never had one hundred views PER MONTH. Ah, if there will be at least 200 views over the next 7 days, August 2014 will also be the month with most views.

Okay, I finish, because I’m going do bed.

Sorry for my English, and, for my Italian readers, sorry if I didn’t wrote it in italian, but I’ve had so many vies from around the world that I wanted to thank them all.

I mean, here’s a list of the countries of those who read my articles yeasterday: United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Viet Nam, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UK and France. Almost every continent!

That’s why I’m going to bed with a very large smile. Thank you, readers, for making this a very special summer for my blog, and for me.

See you, next time, on the empty blog!

The culture behind a Megazord: Power Rangers Dino Charge, The Cast has been officially revealed!

24 Ago


Welcome back to my blog.

Six months ago, I wrote this post about Power Rangers Dino Charge, an article that has become my most viewed one (and I’m glad that my very first article written in English is now the one with most views, with people reading it every day).

However, I’m not here just to thank you.

Yesterday, during the Power Morphicon, the official cast showed up, introducing the main five rangers from Dino Charge. After the jump, we’ll see them and talk about them.


(I excuse from my English, but this is not my mother’s tongue, so I’ll make some mistakes on the way. If you notice them, please, correct me).

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Cos’è?

23 Ago

Bentornati nel blog vuoto.

Ultimamente sono poco attivo qui, ma sono comunque consapevole di cosa stia accadendo in giro per il web.

Non avrò notato solo io che i social network sono tempestati da persone (celebrità e non) che si ricoprono di secchiate di ghiaccio, no?

Ormai, la moda degli ultimi giorni è la cosiddetta ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ma cos’è l’ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

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Esplora il Multiverso DC!

21 Ago

Bentornati nel blog vuoto.

Dal momento che è da quasi una settimana che non scrivo niente su questo blog, ho pensato di mostrarvi la mappa ufficiale del multiverso DC!

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