Kyuuranger episode 11

28 Apr

Hi guys. This article will come out on Friday, but I was actually watching the episode now, on Wednesday. I just wanted you to know that the reason why I didn’t mention Kyuranger in the Ex-Aid article this week is because I haven’t watched it yet, and this is the first “Super Hero Time” week where I watched the Rider before the Sentai, which means this was the first time I was ahead with Kamen Rider and not with Super Sentay.

Anyway, this episode focuses on two things: Kotaro being a new Kyuuranger and Lucky losing his dumb luck.

So glad to see that they revived Madako. Their storyline at least will go on, and now we have such a nice characterization: she changes personality every time she’s revived. So she can regenerate even from a small portion of her body.

I admit that seeing Lucky getting hurt was nice. He relies too much on his ability of always being as lucky as his name suggests, so it’s nice to see that, in reality, losing it, even for a short amount of time, doesn’t change his determination and will to fight. He’s becoming a nice Red Ranger.

Kotaro and Stinger’s story is nice. You know, I am a big brother, but I never feel like I could be someone my brother would be proud of. To see Kotaro being determined on becoming such a figure is good, and I hope he’ll succeed. After all, a big brother should not be a source of continuous let downs. However, I should not start having dark thoughts when I talk about Super Sentai, at least if it isn’t a dark season.

If I have to criticize something, is that they still haven’t explained why the Kyuulette is such a big deal. Kotaro can go away as if they didn’t choose who was going to fight and who wasn’t. I mean, what’s the point?

Still, Kotaro has the best storyline, although the one about Lucky hinted at the end may be interesting.

I like Ryu-tei-Oh (and they still go full throttle with Dairanger references for Ryuu Commander), and Kotaro’s Voyager is nice. Plus, I’m glad they went with “his Voyager distracts Ikagen” and not with a cliché “the Voyager catches the blast before it hits Lucky”.

Strange that Koguma SkyBlue isn’t in the ending dance yet, but maybe they wanted to include him later on. I mean, I think it’s getting quite expensive to reshoot it every time a new member joins.

Okay, good episode. I mean, how many times did I say “nice” in this review?

Now, the article ends here. I hope that I’ll return to talk about both Kyuuranger and Ex-Aid in the same post, but, for now, see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

Napoli Comicon: il pimo giorno

28 Apr

La cosa bella è che pensavo di programmare questo articolo fingendo di averlo scritto mentre sono al Comicon, ma il problema è che io non so cosa ci sarà lì, quindi cosa sto scrivendo? Inoltre, ho anche scritto “pimo” anziché “primo”, ma mi diverte quindi lo lascio. Beh, buon pimo giorno.

Facciamo che metto un post nonsense prima di parlare del Comicon 2017?

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